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To place a custom order please take the time to fill out the form below.

You will be contacted post - completion of the form with a quoted price, to confirm details and/or if additional information is needed to complete your request.

Please  specify and describe what you'd like in the text boxes below.

Feel free to outline your absolute dream corset design, be as creative as you like!

I love hearing all your amazing design ideas and adore making them come to life :)

corset key full png 2.png
Ribbon and lining colour:
Lace colour:
Custom embroidery? (If yes, please describe your ideas below)


*Note:  Custom corset pricing varies quite largely depending on the materials used and the complexity and details of the design. On average, pricing ranges anywhere from $140 - $200 AUD. This is not conclusive and prices may vary beyond this range.  Please read the FAQ for more info and details on custom orders before placing a request.

Custom Corset Gallery

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