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About The Artist

Paris Olympia

Paris Olympia is an Australian Contemporary Artist whose work is driven by her fascination with the bizarre intricacies of life and science, juxtaposed alongside a passion for all things 60s psychedelia, 70s glam rock and a little bit of 70s/80s punk!

Photograph of Paris Olympia with dramatic, gothic makeup and safety pinned/chained clothes.

"My artwork is often heavily dictated by my interest in medical sciences and the complexity of the human body, specifically its biological composition, anatomical forms and tissues. I have always been drawn to medical textbooks and similar depictions of the multiplicity of distortions, both in physical form and on cellular levels, that the body can endure or adapt to.

My preferred aesthetics, on the contrary to my clinical interests, are usually retrospective, sometimes a bit radical, and incorporate combinations and experimentation with colour, texture and pattern. 

Paris Olympia Art is 100% independently run by me (Paris Olympia) and was created to share my love and passion for the creative and visual arts. "

Paris Olympia graduated from the Victorian collage of the Arts secondary school in 2020 and is currently a full-time student studying Biomedicine at Monash University.

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